So WWDC took place during the first week of June and I’ve only just got round to catching up on what happened (or what didn’t happen)!

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual conference held in California that Apple use to show the world their new software and technology, and you could have been there too for a measly $1599!

Despite there being no real ground breaking revelations from the conference there were some great pieces that I’ll be keeping an eye on!

1.  iOS11

Firstly, new software iOS 11 will have some visual tweaks, mainly borderless buttons and bolder fonts, giving the whole system a cleaner look.

Theres is so many changes visually, from the signal being shown as bars instead of dots, the calculator buttons being changed, labels being taken off the apps in your dock…I could go on for a whole post just about visual changes in iOS11 and how much I love them but I won’t….for now!

Notifications and lock screen are now one item and the Control Centre which now takes up its own page is fully customisable and has a whole new look, and from videos I have watched, it looks GREAT.

iOS11 brings with it a new App Store layout with a ‘Today’ tab that will display different apps and games daily which has been designed to give users easier access to new content. Apps and games also now have their own tabs to make it easier to discover what is new to the store.

Also included is a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature, when the user uses this setting, anyone trying to contact them will receive a message saying that you are driving and will reply when you have parked in an attempt by Apple to raise awareness about the dangers of notifications on your phone when concentrating on the roads.


ios11 beta
First look at an iOS7 beta

2.  iMac Pro

Aimed at pro users and being priced at around $5000. The iMac Pro comes with a 5k display, an 8-core Xeon processor with the option to upgrade this to 18 core, four Thunderbolt 3 ports and up to 4TB of solid state drive (SSD).

This really will be an absolute workhorse and is designed to give computers designed with enthusiasts in mind a run for their money, allowing the Apple fan boys to claim they have the superior machine.


3. HomePod

Apples equivalent of the Amazon Echo and Sonos with a focus on sound quality.  The USP of the HomePod is that it claims to use the shape of your room as a guide for customising the audio.

I’m not surprised that Apple have divulged further into the home automation field and I think its only a matter of time before we see devices like this in everyones homes.

4. iPad Pro 10.5 inch

Oooo, a more powerful, different sized iPad, so what you ask?

More the fact that Apple made no mention of any adjustments for an iPad Mini and focused instead on aiming iPaid increasingly to design focused professionals is where the real news is. If WWDC is anything to go by then we might not see much more of iPad Minis.


One of the smallest, more insignificant announcements from the conference is that there are some new available options for your Apple Watch face. And this is possibly the announcement that I liked the most.

I love the look of Apple Watches and its definitely the bit of kit I’ve had my eye on for the longest, I just can’t quite push myself to buying one.

What could be better than Woody or Buzz Lightyear (or Jessy) on your watch face?!


Obviously there were lots of other announcements and everything I have mentioned was spoke about in so much detail that I couldn’t possibly include all the details

If you’ve caught up with WWDC what are you most looking forward to? iMac Pro? The new developer kit?

My favourites are definitely the visual changes that iOS11 bring because I’m a bit of a design geek and being able to have Buzz on a watch face (how insignificant, I know).

Let me know!



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