My first denim jacket + pins

So, I finally did it, I finally took the plunge, I finally bought my first denim jacket.

My problem with denim jackets has always been the cut, I prefer my clothes being longer and bigger than they traditionally fit, so finding the right denim jacket when they are usually cut shorter has always been a problem.

Asos had 25% off EVERYTHING so I thought why not have another look? Thankfully I did because I came across this Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Oversized Denim Jacket in Blue.


When it came, I thought it was a bit too plain so I thought I would spice it up a bit with some badges from Pin There.

I like the ‘not everything sucks’ one because everyone sometimes needs that reminder that life isn’t always all that bad and there’s always plenty to smile about.

The pink trooper pin is a nice nod to my love of Star Wars and perfect after seeing some Stormtroopers at Disneyland Paris.


On the other pocket I wear a ‘Sad Boy’ pin and my favourite ‘Sad Songs’ pin.

I love the design of the sad songs one, I mostly find myself listening to sad-ish sounding songs and lets face it, who doesn’t love a good old sad song.

denim 2

This jacket will probably find its way to being the item I wear the most because it’s so easy to throw on and it really fits my style!

What is your favourite item of clothing at the moment?


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